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“A dollar saved, is a dollar earned.”

Could your business be missing out on specialized tax incentives, or risk-free cost recovery strategies?

AcuSolutions, and our team of experienced cost recovery specialists provide businesses with a unique service designed to maximize profits by helping you keep more of your hard earned money. We do this by partnering with clients, and their CPAs, to help capture certain specialized tax incentives like Cost Segregation Studies, and R&D Tax Credits. We also perform various expense audits to reduce costs going forward, and seek refund opportunities for prior overcharges. We believe in the adage: A dollar saved, is a dollar earned! Contact us to find out how we can help maximize the profits of your business. We are so confident in our approach that our motto is: NO SAVINGS - NO FEE!

Cost Segregation Study

Do you own commercial or income generating residential property purchased for over $1 million?  If so, you maybe a prime candidate to benefit from a Cost Segregation Study that can accelerate the depreciation on your property to yield a 5, 6, or 7 figure benefit!  Find out how your property ownership can result in more dollars in your pocket!  

R&D Tax Credit

Many Manufacturing, Engineering, and Software companies mistakenly assume they do not qualify for Research & Development Tax Credits because of misinformation regarding what constitutes “Qualified Research Expenditures”.  In addition, changes to the tax code now make the credit available to many businesses that were formerly ineligible.  Could your business be one of them?

Workers Comp. Recovery

Do you spend over $50k a year in Workers Compensation Premiums? Despite shopping aggressively for the lowest price, and trying to closely monitor their workers compensation activity, about 70% of businesses are overcharged on their premiums.  Want a FREE evaluation to determine if you were overcharged?

Primary Industries

  • Property Management

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical/Dental

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Restaurant/Retail

  • Hotels/Motels


  • "We realized considerable savings that would have otherwise gone to the IRS.  We now understand why you are the leader in Cost Allocation Studies." Owner, Holiday Inn hotel

  • "We heard about Cost Segregation Studies, but were skeptical of the costs vs. benefits.  We now understand the power of this strategy and are glad that we pursued it!" Owner, Manufacturing Facility

  • "Thank you for a great job in recovering over $120,000 in overcharged workers's compensation from AIG and Wausau Insurance Company.  Your service has my highest recommendation." Senior VP, CFO, Food Services Company

  • "Thank you for the refund we received from our workers compensation insurance provider.  This was money we would not have received without your efforts." Controller, Construction Co.